The Merchants 嘗申滙

To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, The Merchants and Chef Chen Tian Long are paying homage to traditional Suzhou-style mooncakes with layered and flakey dough that crumbles when you bite into them. This year we will be offering six exquisite flavors including the highly sought after and exclusive Xiān Ròu Yuèbǐng, as well as red bean, red date, salt & pepper, lotus seed paste with salted egg yolk, and Jinhua ham mooncakes. Indulge in our range of delicious mooncakes and experience the rich flavors of this traditional delicacy.


15% discount for orders of 10 boxes or more. (Except for Prestige Mooncakes Set) 

Our mooncakes are all sold out this year. Thank you for your support, and stay tuned for next year!

For SAVORY MOONCAKE SET : Please arrange redemption TWO (2) days in advance to ensure availability as our mooncakes are made to order.