About Us


A Curated Home Experience

These experiences and products are uniquely curated as an extension of our brands for home delivery and private social gatherings.

Choose from specially created menus delivered to your door or purchase the ingredients yourself to create the magic at home. For all your special occasions, our team of Chefs can come to you for 'Chef@Home' experiences, preparing a truly memorable meal in the comfort of your own home.

Alfred’s: Your private butler, taking care of all your needs.



Loyalty Made Simple by Leading Nation Hospitality. Originally a pandemic-driven home delivery platform, Alfred’s has evolved into a comprehensive loyalty program linking our diverse portfolio. Download the app and unlock a world of perks conveniently stored in your wallet. Enjoy exclusive experiences, one-off offers, and seamless redemptions. Alfred’s aims to simplify and reward your loyalty, integrating effortlessly into your lifestyle. A world of benefits and experiences awaits with Alfred’s at your service.



A cutting-edge hospitality group crafting unique and consistent guest experiences.
With headquarters based in Hong Kong, Leading Nation operates multiple brands, restaurants, private clubs, and bars across several key cities in Asia.

We manage a diverse portfolio of award-winning concepts, including The Diplomat, recognized among the Top 50 Best Bars, Cristal Room by Anne-Sophie Pic, overseen by the world's most decorated female chef boasting 10 Michelin Stars, and cult sensation WAGYUMAFIA. Driving our growth are multi-location brands like Mortys (American Deli), Mashi no Mashi (Wagyu Ramen), and Elephant Grounds (Lifestyle Specialty Coffee).

Our latest venture, Forty-Five atop Landmark, located in the centre of the city, stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation. This multi-concept venue spanning three floors and 20,000 square feet heralds a new chapter in Hong Kong’s vibrant arts and culinary scene, offering five stunning experiential concepts where art seamlessly merges with gastronomy.

We specialize in creating, identifying, and managing original F&B concepts across Asia. With a focus on collaboration with talented F&B professionals and landowners, we ensure that our concepts stand the test of time by maintaining relevance within the community. With recent expansions with the opening of Singapore Mashi No Mashi, we continue to shape the future of guest experiences across the continent.